If it can be called that, paint only takes a day to dry. And then you can run the bath water, just make sure the temperature is just right, light the scented candles, and slip in and enjoy your long, lingering bath. Peace. Calm and tranquility. Bathroom refinishing is one of those jobs you could do as a DIY enthusiast, but why waste your time and money when you could go pro.

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In this case, you will be contracting in the services of a professional bathroom refinishing washington dc team of no less than two technicians. In fact, the most skilled and experienced operator could do this job on his own. It would be that easy for him. It has been said that when you have your bath and tiles refinished, you can utilize a variety of colors, but when you think about it, why do that even. This time you can stick with the neutral white.

Only here is a friendly warning. The new finish is going to leave the bath looking gleaming, sparkling and snowy white. Very bright indeed.  It does, however, seem so surprising that not too many homeowners have taken advantage of a technique, since refined and improved upon over the years, that has been around since at least the sixties. A specially formulated catalyzed coating is prepared beforehand.

Over the years, this coating has been carefully tested and refined. So too, the materials. The finishing result is non-porous and high in gloss. It will never yellow or fade and it is able to withstand rough use. High quality acrylic polyurethane is utilized to ensure the maximum longevity. Professionally applied refinishing solutions produce a hard and high gloss coating that optimizes resistance against normal wear and tear, as well as chipping.